The school has been operating under a new set of trustees and governing body since September 2019.

Olive Tree Primary school is an independent Islamic Primary School within the heart of the Luton Community.

For nearly 20 years OTPS has been nurturing and teaching the youth of Luton, embedding values and education that will see them go forward as confident young people – the love and fear of Allah embedded in their hearts, Ihsaan striving them forward to succeed in whatever they do.

We deliver a curriculum based on the National Curriculum, supplemented with Islamic education (Quran, Islamic studies, Arabic), taught with Islamic manners and etiquettes.

The OTPS team is a dedicated group of people who come from varying walks of life and professions, with only one goal – to make OTPS a pillar of the education community. We want to embed values that our children can carry through with them as they grow, values which will help them shape the people they become and the people they want to be.

The school is working hard to be an integral part of the community – an asset to our neighbours, our fellow educators and the youth in Luton.


Our Staff