Dear Parents/Carers,
Welcome to Olive Tree Primary School (OTPS).
Alhamdulliah. I thank Allah for giving me the opportunity to participate in supporting young people who are enthusiastic to learn, who care for each other and who are determined to succeed.
Choosing the right school for your child is one of the most significant responsibilities you undertake. The purpose of this prospectus is to give you an insight into our school and its ethos. 
Under my leadership, I aim to;
• Continue the school’s recent upward trajectory. In our pursuit for ihsaan, the school can only get better, In-sha-Allah.
• Ensure that your child is safe, and that their welfare is our highest priority. 
• Facilitate learning that gives your child an opportunity to build a foundation and a set of principles that allows them to achieve both in the Dunya and the Akhirah.
• Build character and personality that is derived by our Islamic teachings, giving your child the opportunity to feel inspired, motivated and confident to fulfil their potential. 
• Equip your child to be a citizen in modern Britain, whilst holding on firmly to their deen. Therefore, your child will receive a balanced education, one that neither compromises on secular or Islamic education. 
My team are at the heart of what we do, their commitment and dedication goes beyond any worldly gain and I assure you that everyone is committed to supporting your child through what we hope will be an amazing journey at OTPS.
Our pupils are our best ambassadors. Alhamdulillah we are inspired and driven by their enthusiasm, compassion and determination to succeed.
I invite you to visit the school to discover the experience OTPS has to offer. 
Mr. Abdul Wadud Ahmed
Head Teacher