30 Days of Giving

We want to make this our best Ramadan yet, so join us as – we’ve partnered with LaunchGood – for 30 days of Giving! We’ll be competing with other charities to raise the most amount of donations!

We ask Allah for his assistance and then appeal to our local community. We are in need of funding, and require your help and generosity, to enable us to continue, and nurture the youth of tomorrow by taking action today.

We’ve worked hard to ensure that we’ve prepared an impactful project for you to support, during this blessed month, allowing you to multiply your blessings.

We hope that you will take advantage of this opportunity in investing in your Aakhirah now by supporting us in nurturing our future Muslim leaders.

What’s more, not only is this a Sadaqah Jaariyah donation, for you to reap this beautiful reward of ongoing charity, but we’ve pledged 5% of our donations to Muslim Aid, for children in need around the world. Given the current pandemic, we are so limited with other fundraising mechanisms, and rely on your generosity.

Don’t miss out. It’s your turn to make a change. Act now.

Donate Now

5% of all donations towards Muslim Aid’s Child Sponsorship