internal and external Assessments

Summative Assessments:

Termly Assessments 

All year groups will be assessed at the end of each term in the following subjects, namely, English, Mathematics, Science, Quran, Islamic Studies and Arabic. Teachers will assess pupil’s progress in other foundation subjects through formative assessment. 

Phonics Screening Check

Year 1 will be assessed on their phonics skills. 

Statutory Assessments Tests – SATs

Year 2 and Year 6 will sit end of key stage assessments on English: reading, writing, spelling, punctuation and grammar, Mathematics: arithmetic, problem-solving and reasoning. 

GL Assessments

The school works with a specialist provider, who is able to measure the progress and attainment of our pupils and provide us with crucial information to support their development. These insights are used to support: 
• Future curriculum planning; 
• Adjustments to learning, teaching, assessment and planning; 
• Indicates potential performance; 
• Pupil’s prior knowledge and identify any additional support; 
• Identify any barriers or gaps in knowledge;  
• Whole-school assessment approach to support each individual learner; 
• Test current knowledge and skills appropriate to age-related expectations and year group. 
• Pupils’ wider cognitive abilities and personalise their learning experience. 

Formative Assessments:

Our teachers plan their lessons with a range of formative assessments, which informs their planning and feedback to pupils. Some examples of such assessments include; quizzes, stop and let’s check our learning, thumbs up/ down, strategic questioning, summaries, analysing student work, to name a few. 

Statutory Assessments tests - Sats

The school was moderated by the local authorities to ensure that our teachers were marking in line with the statutory teacher assessment guidelines. The school put itself forward to be moderated. 
In the summer of 2019, our pupils achieved amazing above national average SATs results.

To view our school’s SATs results for the last academic year press the button below 

2018/2019 Sats Results 2017/2018 sats results