Live TV Appeal

We have had the great pleasure of partnering with Channel S ( Sky 777 ), for our very first live TV Appeal. OTPS and the team will be coming to your living room screens from 5pm till 5am – so join us on the 13th May – the first odd night of Ramadan, as we share our journey, vision, and personal stories.

Although the immense blessings of giving charity during Ramadan is well known, giving on the Night of Power is akin to receiving the reward of having given charity every day for 1000 months, so even a £5 donation would be similar to donating £50,000!

We’ve worked hard to ensure that we’ve prepared an impactful project for you to support, during this blessed month, allowing you to multiply your blessings.

We hope that you will take advantage of this opportunity in investing in your Aakhirah now by supporting us in nurturing our future Muslim leaders.

What’s more, not only is this a Sadaqah Jaariyah donation, for you to reap this beautiful reward of ongoing charity, but we’ve pledged 5% of our donations to Muslim Aid, for children in need around the world. Given the current pandemic, we are so limited with other fundraising mechanisms, and rely on your generosity.

Don’t miss out. It’s your turn to make a change. Act now.


5% of all donations go towards Muslim Aid’s Child Sponsorship