National Curriculum

We deliver core subjects and a majority of the foundation subjects of the National Curriculum. We ensure that everything we teach and instil within our children is in accordance with our Islamic values.


Our English curriculum offers grammar teaching within a context of stimulating texts (fiction, non-fiction and poetry) that extend understanding and inspire children’s own writing. So, all in all, pupils are taught comprehension (reading), grammar, composition (writing), spoken language skills and vocabulary.


In Mathematics, we follow the White Rose schemes of learning (a whole-class mastery programme), which is designed to spark curiosity and excitement. We have chosen this curriculum as it helps your child nurture confidence in applying arithmetic fluency, problem-solving and reasoning.


We use hands-on investigative science activities to promote a deep understanding of scientific concepts and help children develop effective methods of scientific enquiry. Every lesson is an investigation, which entails pattern seeking, exploring, problem solving, fair testing, and analysing secondary sources.

Foundation Subjects

The school believes in providing a broad and balanced curriculum and with that in mind we provide a variety of foundation subjects, such as, Computing, History, Geography, Physical Education, Religious Education, Art, Design Technology and Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) Education.

Relationships Education

Under the government guidelines this subject will be mandatory from September 2020. The focus in Primary schools is on teaching the fundamental building blocks and characteristics of positive relationships. As a faith school, we will offer a bespoke programme to cater for our pupils needs, ensuring that we teach this topic from a faith perspective and take into consideration backgrounds of our pupils.